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  1. Thank you very much Nick, i appreciate the effort you put in for me. I will definitely try meditation because i also need more rest in my mind. I was a person living from high to high always feeling this emptiness, i try really hard not using any substances, i gave up on smoking for over a month now and i started running. I feel these benefits so i am open to meditation and i truly believe i can benefit from this. I assume that meditation can lower stress and in this way it can benefit for hppd. Thanks alot
  2. Thanks for your response, i appreciate, could you perhaps send a link or site of wich meditation you are using? I'm new to this. Thank you
  3. Hi guys, I'm at this point where my hppd is getting so bad that my life quality is getting low and its affecting everything. I cannot enjoy being outside by day, i go crazy over white walls, need to wear sunglasses everywhere.. I'd like some help, thoughts and advice. Thanks in advance I'm 27 years old, i live in Belgium and i think i have hppd symtoms for over 4 years now. I have very very bad visual snow. I gave up on all drugs because of my hppd. The last year it got a lot worse. The only stuff i still use is alcohol and sleeps meds. I took zolpidem (ambien) to sleep,
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