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  1. Guy u gotta b more engaged with the forums. I’m not getting the validation I was hoping to get...
  2. Here guys. I wrote this in the hard time of my life. HPPD, school problems , personal ones. My style changed since then, but It means a whole lot to me and it gave me strength to go on. And I hope it will help you too. I am alone, But was I ever not so? I am losing battles, But did I ever really win? Fate's a cruel thing without a doubt, Or was it me who made life taste like spoiled milk? You can make me doubt myself But what you can't, is break me. And no one can, And no one will, But please, I beg you, don't forget m
  3. I got hppd a few yers ago. I'm totally fine now. But I thought about it for a while and came to a conclusion that hppd might be the disease of neurotics , ipohondriacs , depressives. Not to be condenscesing or anything , I myself was prone to anxiety and depression. And its ofc not what u are but what u do with it , in this case. But just how many of us would describe ourselves of a neurotic predicament? Not to say that hppd is fake. But I strongly suspect that there is a huge link to having a certain type of a personality. That I conclude from what I myself was prior to working on myself ,
  4. So far it looks like ur traces are what started the whole cascade of hppd like reactions. And in turn were caused by 'feeling down'. So r u sure its the weed that made u feel like that. And even if thats the case don't u think that any kind of thing that would make u feel like that would cause u to see traces etc.
  5. W8 w8. So when were u feeling down then. Was it in the run up to the incident. Or after it. Before or after seeing the traces.
  6. Well, listen, considering that u didn’t even get high and that u noticed change in ur hppd few days later, I think it’s very unlikely that the weed did smth. Look up the forums. Ppl say that smoking does make it worse but ofc that get high and start seeing the change in hppd almost str8 away. U mentioned trails. So what happened was that u got the trails and then u started feeling anxious and had dp/dr? That would Ofc mean that it’s not hppd per say but a neurotic reaction to the trails. Apart from weed, was there anything else? Maybe some psychological stuff?
  7. Bruh. Chill. If it went away before it’s gonna go away now. Did u get high? Cause if u didn’t it can all just be a neurotic reaction.
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