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Zukov Sinemet Trial

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Well, finally i get Sinemet CR 200/50, its the only avaible here now....there's a Sinemet 200/25 but like visual told me, the carbidopa is to low and that med is for advanced parkinson. Or something like that :D

I was very scared and i cut the pill into four pieces. Take 50 mg three hours ago and I have nothing new to say. I will continue with that dose for a few days and I'll tell if I have any change in my condition.

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Unfortunately sinemet has made no change in my symptoms. Imagine the sadness. I have only taken 5 doses and experience some disorientation and drowsiness (may be psychological). The only minimum perceptual change I noticed was that my VS became a bit more solid, like a block of ice. It's hard to explain.

Maybe go back to taking other small doses when I feel a little better, several days ago that I suffer from extreme anxiety and suicidal thoughts.

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No, that thoughts are pre sinemet. Sinemet CR has increase some anxiety. I feel very strange, and i dont want to continue take them.

Maybe in a week or two i'll try again and see what happens. I have a lot of pills.

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