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Will going under anesthesia make it worse?

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I'm afraid of going under anesthesia. I'm supposed to do it at some point for dental work. I can't have it done awake because I have terrible dental anxiety which has certainly gotten somehow even worse since getting HPPD. I've done it before pre HPPD, and I could remember everything up to the moment it knocked me out. It felt like ketamine for a few moments before I slowly woke up after the procedure. Since many drugs can have a lasting worsening effect on HPPD, I'm very afraid to do it. Especially since I'll be able to feel and remember what the drug feels like before it puts me to sleep. I also have a fear of being conscious during it, I'm not sure how rational that particular fear is but it still scares me. Has anyone here had anesthesia with HPPD? How was it? Do you know which drug/drugs were used?

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