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Is carbamazepine/ oxcarbazepine safe?

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Hey guys and girls!

My worst symptom on my journey with what i think is „something in the field of hppd“ is sound sensitivity. After months of research i finally think that it is - in my case - mostly middle ear related. The massive anxiety in the first weeks with mild visual symptoms completely messed up my startle response which is deeply connected to the muscles of the middle ear. If you startle - the tiny muscles in the ears contract heavily to protect you against loud sounds. Those contractions can become chronic, even if the anxiety that caused it in the first place is mostly gone. My approach now is a surgery in the middle ear in which the surgeon cuts those tiny muscles (you dont nessecarily need them).

To be more sure with the diagnosis before cutting those muscles (its permanent) i could try the antiepileptic carbamazepine or the newer version of it, oxcarbazepine. This medication calms the facial nerves which innervate the muscles in the ear. And if that works for my sound sensitivity its very likely that the surgery will work too.

So, do you think its safe to use it for maybe 2-3 weeks in a moderate dosage or is it risky and i should just have the surgery done? 

Hope youre doing good, stay strong 💪🏼 


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