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Russian Peptides: Pinealon, Cortexin, Cerluten, and Cortagen

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I wanted to bring awareness to these peptides. I have tried most of these. Cortagen seemed to work really well as it reduced afterimages and gave me cognitive enhancement. Cerluten/Visoluten dulled the pain I get when I see light trails at night.  This is a brief post as I have limited time but I think Cortexin/Cortagen are valid treatements. 

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Thanks for sharing your experience with Russian peptides like Pinealon, Cortexin, Cerluten, and Cortagen. It's intriguing to hear how they've had positive effects on you, especially in reducing afterimages and cognitive enhancement. Your brief but insightful post sheds light on potential treatments that others might find beneficial. I appreciate you bringing awareness to these peptides, and it's always valuable to hear personal experiences with different supplements. By the way, I came across some info about Protein Overload in hair recently, which you might find interesting.

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