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Hello fellow HPPD-ers 😊

I am on here because, frankly, I’m freaking out. So quick version-for over two years I have fallen- A LOT. My balance is bad. Anyway, each time I fell, I would catch myself with my right arm, which led to terrible shoulder issues. I did physical therapy twice, had dry needle injections, and ate buttloads of muscle relaxers (my doc was handing them out like candy.) The PT actually helped…but then I would fall again and injure that same shoulder. At this point, the doctor said my last hope was to see a chiropractor. (I have asked for cortisone injections, an MRI to see if I have rotator cuff damage, etc., but she said no.) Ok, this will not be a quick version, sorry guys 😅

Incidentally, my son was referred to a Physical Therapy clinic for pelvic floor exercises. He’s had some issues, but anyway, his urologist said the place came highly recommended. When I took him in for his first appointment, I learned that the clinic accepted my insurance. There is only one guy who I was told was “allowed” to crack people. Like had a chiropractic license, I guess? I should have seriously dug deeper but I tend to trust everyone, and the employees at the clinic are extremely kind. Anyone remember the old-school claymation Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer that came on TV every Christmas? Remember Cornelius? Well, the guy looked just like him. That’s just a side note and has zip to do with my issue. The first appointment I had, he ended up doing a high velocity crack on my poor skinny arthritic neck. It felt good at the time, but a day later it started to hurt pretty bad, I expected to be sore, but the following day the pain in my head and neck was so agonizing I debated going to the ER. Couldn’t even move my head, was sick from the pain. Like, scale of 1-10, a 20. Shoulda just gone to ER. Lasted 5 days, easing a bit each day. I told him what happened when I saw him for my 2nd appointment and he quickly informed me that there is a bundle of nerves that run through the vertebrae which is what caused the pain, acted like no big deal but said he wouldn’t crack my neck again. So I started getting lame massages on my shoulder while lying on the bed. Like he just slid his hand up and down my shoulder. Wasn’t really doing much, but since I was still in pain, I just mindlessly kept making appointments. Ok, to FINALLY get to the point, this past Wednesday he cracked my neck again, but just a “normal” crack like what my primary care doc would do (she’s a DO.) I was totally fine…until I woke up Thursday morning and my vision was so blurry and I had such bad photophobia and ghosting, I couldn’t see straight. This is with my glasses on, mind you. It was horrible! My eyesight was so horrific I couldn’t even drive my son to school that day. I managed a shower somehow, then suddenly got so weak and tired I lapsed into a coma for 3 hours. So exhausted out of nowhere. Then I was mostly ok on Friday. Saturday morning I woke up with the most severe photophobia I have EVER had, blurry vision, and a lot of visuals and my head felt so weird. (HPPD weird, you all know what I’m talking about.) I mean, it was BAD despite taking my Klonopin. I don’t even know how I managed to get through the day. I got loud tinnitus and every little sound was so loud and grating, it was driving me crazy. (Well, more like scaring me.) I couldn’t get into my eye clinic, but I have an “urgent” appointment scheduled for tomorrow at 2 pm. One other thing…I have been noticing that my “regular non-HPPD vision” has been getting really blurry over the past couple months or so. I couldn’t figure out why. Now I wonder if it has something to do with my chiropractic treatment (which I started in December.) Do you guys think the neck adjustments (especially this most recent one) are a direct cause of my blurry “normal” vision, and the massive HPPD flare up I now have? I have been crying and very scared. Has anyone else had a similar experience with a chiropractic adjustment? I am sorry this is SO long. I literally feel like I’m about to go blind (which actually wouldn’t be all that bad lol.) Thank you for reading this, I appreciate it.

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