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Therapy may help with HPPD. If someone has, for example, ocd then exposure therapy works by exposing someone to a fearful situation without the ability to perform the associated action that would provide relief.

This is a form of applied behavioral therapy. Therapy likely can result in the growth of inhibitory neurons and help quiet an over active mind.

There is information online that therapy improves intelligence. Like for example (although this isn't necessarily recommended for treating hppd as I don't know if it helps or not ) but lions main mushrooms act as a kappa opioid agonist, so they have a dysphoric short term effect but it also results in the growth of neurons. Although LM stimulates the brain in the short term, over the long term it can reduce anxiety. Also therapy helps with things like social phobia, schizophrenia, Alzheimer disease and helping someone concentrate during work.

For some people with HPPD, visual symptoms may be accompanied by mild depersonalization symptoms without someone knowing they have mild depersonalization. They might just say they have anxiety disorder or something like that.

Think of it like a sound guy trying to get sound through the speakers at an event: he might turn up one switch and turn down another switch to compensate, or there might be static or a feedback loop. Since different areas of the brain are connected: areas that process language, memories and social stations can have a strong impact on emotional stability.

If someone is running from a bear they might not care or even notice that their feet are starting to hurt or something that. The brain has ways of turning down or activating different areas and emotion depending on the situation. If on the other hand someone is processing complex social situation, it may be necessary for the brain to tune out emotions in order to focus on other important but sublte things.  There is also evidence that if you activate certain neurons, or practice certain thought patterns (say looking for beutiful things), those patterns get strengthened with time.

Watching therapy and self help videos like the ones on Youtube may be helpful for decreasing hppd symptoms if they are done regularly for a long period of time (like say a couple hours every day for a week or longer).

Healthy gamer GG has a lot of good videos such as this one on social anxiety:


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