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Hello,my story began one year ago.I still have strong symptoms,some decreased and some increased.My advice for you is stay strong,try to avoid alcohol when is possible,do sport,avoid caffeine and please search for other conditios because except this I have cavernous sinus thrombosis that they didn t see for one year and many symptoms are because of this.STAY STRONG.

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You are right about avoiding caffeine but I am so addicted to coffee I am willing to suffer! Lol. I don’t drink anymore, I think I drank a lot when I first got it because it was a distraction, but drinking is bad news for sure. What is cavernous sinus thrombosis? It sounds terrible. I’m really interested in medical conditions and their symptoms. Is it a sort of a blood clot in your sinuses? My meds prescriber strongly suggested that I make a neurology appointment because I fall a lot. (By strongly, I mean she practically “forced” me to make the appointment, lol. But she is awesome and truly cares, not only about mental health but also physical health. Love her to death.) I finally caved but I’m not looking forward to the appointment. I have fallen so many times over the years, several medical professionals said it’s not normal for a woman my age to fall so much (early 40’s) and to see a neurologist. I think the falling was from being on muscle relaxers for so long. I fell so much I janked my right shoulder up really bad, so my doctor threw muscle relaxers at me like candy. Which then made me fall more because my muscles were constantly weak, and I was always out of it. I stopped taking muscle relaxers altogether…and pretty much stopped falling down! Oh…another thing I have been thinking about recently. Have you heard of Intracranial Hypertension something? I think they also call it pseudotumor cerebri, which is what my doctor diagnosed me with when I got HPPD back in ‘98. (But of course, I had HPPD.) However, I had the symptoms and my optic nerve was swollen in my left eye, so the neurologist at that time ordered a CT scan, which was normal. I was reading about it and the symptoms include a swollen optic nerve, but CT’s and MRI’s are unremarkable. It’s called a pseudotumor because it mimics a tumor because there is something pressing on the brain, and causes visual disturbances. I think it’s from too much spinal fluid. Omg sorry for the long, rambling explanation. I think I have the Intracranial Hypertension because sometimes it feels like my head is going to pop when I lie down (I have no headache, but it literally feels like a giant is squeezing my neck until my head wants to blow from the pressure.) The pressure revolves immediately when I sit up or stand up. I have also had the pulsating pressure in my head that goes along with my heartbeat, which is another symptom. However, this only happens intermittently, so I don’t know if it means anything or not or if I should even mention it. 
Well I’m going to stop now, this is practically a novel, sorry! Was just thinking about it because you commented on searching other conditions that are comorbid.

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