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“Motion Sickness”

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Hi all!

I have a question. Have any of you had bizarre motion issues with HPPD? Long story short, I got it when I was about 20 (am 45 now, got it from LSD) and I remember feeling a “rocking” sensation when I was lying down. Like rocking back and forth on a boat. I also remember being in my car and feeling it roll backwards, which of course, it wasn’t. I ask because a horrible irony occurred at the end of October…I’ll try to make it quick, it was Halloween, my 15 year old son wanted his whole hair sprayed pink (he has extremely long, thick hair,) went through three bottles of Halloween hairspray and he breathed a lot of the fumes in, then a day or so later described weird symptoms he was having-textbook HPPD. Tracers, waving, warping objects, static, etc., but the worst seemed to be motion sickness. I kept asking him to describe it because I was at a loss, and the way he described it sounded like he was basically stuck on the carnival ride from Hell. He felt like he was doing “forward flips,” no vertigo technically, just body motion constantly. Does/did anyone have this, and did it eventually go away? 

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Hey 😁

I figured someone must have had something similar. My son’s was so bad though that it was freaking him out. Ok actually-it was freaking ME out. (I’m sure it was freaking him out too though.) He is so stoic. The only time he even mentioned it was when it got bad enough for him to ask for his meclizine. He would look positively gray. Luckily, that seems to be fading A LOT. Over the past few weeks. Praise God. I just couldn’t imagine feeling like that every day, along with the other stuff. Whew!

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