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I’m curious about what you all feel like when you take strong NSAIDS, especially when you are taking them often. (Or if this is just one more on the list of strange things that happen only to me, haha.) I used to fall        A LOT. (To the point that several medical professionals told me it’s not normal for someone my age to fall as often as I do, and I need to see a neurologist. In fact, my meds prescriber, who is the absolute best I’ve had, is “forcing me” to see a neurologist. I don’t want to see one. I think it’s my cocktail of meds that make me dizzy and fall.) Omg sorry, I went wayyy off topic…like always. Anyway, every time I fall, it’s straight down and I catch myself with my right arm. So my right side is ALL janked up. I’ve taken muscle relaxers (hate them and refuse to take them anymore,) my doc prescribed Meloxicam which is a strong prescription NSAID… all that did was make me feel like I was stoned out of my mind and like I didn’t have a brain. Then I got an Rx for 800 mg ibuprofen, which I was taking every day for a long time. I literally thought I was getting dementia but didn’t connect it to the ibuprofen and sometimes Aleve I had been taking for my neck and shoulder. I was playing cribbage with my husband (we used to play a ton of cribbage and I’m pretty good at it) when suddenly I just couldn’t count my points. I’d look at the cards and they were meaningless. I was like a 3rd grader trying to do Trig or something. The final straw was when I accidentally pegged backwards and didn’t notice. I started bawling because I thought I was getting early onset Alzheimer’s. (Very dramatic I know, but I was scared!) Suddenly it clicked and I avoided NSAIDS and I felt back to normal. Has that happened to anyone? Do you think it’s an HPPD thing, or is it just a “me” thing? Sorry this post is so long.

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