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What can make hppd worse?


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Hi all, i am currently going through cognitive behaviour therapy for issues that is unimportant. During my therapy i have learned alot about what the human being is all about and how behaviours and thoughts are related and such.

Anyway, i am going to try to get rid of my anxiety over hppd by exponating myself to it when it is really hard. Like in the mornings and/or when you are sleep deprived, hungover, stressed out etc. Although i definetely don't want my hppd to get permanently worse so i wonder, what can make hppd irreversibly worse?

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hey mate,

here are a few factors which can make PMA/HPPD worse or better (temporarily):


scroll down the sidebar.

i think the most factors are very individuell like responding to medication, so its hard to say....

I see... Thank you for the link!

It seems that few things affect hppd permanently except hallucinogens.

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I was torn between focusing on the visuals to get used to them and get rid of the anxiety they cause or ignoring them to re-train my brain to filter them out. I was also concerned that focusing on them might make them stay around for longer. ignoring them worked for me but it doesn't seem to work for everybody so maybe you should try the other method. Stress and drug use seem to be the most common things that cause HPPD to worsen. Take it easy with the alcohol some people say it permanently increased their visuals.

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