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What is the best medication for visual snow?


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Can anyone give me some advice about medication for my visual snow? I am taking diamox at the moment but i'm not noticing any changes.

I want to look at something without the snow, I got used to it but still I want to have a normal sight. I have tinnitus as well so I hear ringing all the time and togheter with the visual snow it's really fucked up :(

Any good meds? Thanks in advance

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I think keppra and sinemet is most effective, and the workhorse for fighting hppd: klonopin seems to give temporary relief,

Personally i think visual snow is the worst symtom. And that things are always moving, quit it already >:(

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I don't think anyone on this site has seen any improvement from Sinemet. I don't know if anyone in Dr. Abraham's trial got relief from visual snow from dopamine boosting meds.

Klonopin seems to be the best for reducing HPPD symptoms (including visual snow), but is not a long term viable solution due to side effects of the medication.

Keppra is something that can be taken long term, and has worked for a good amount of people. There are still side effects to look out for, however.

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