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Craniosacral Therapy - dangerous for us? + my experience

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Hello everyone and Happy Friday!

So yesterday I tried the craniosacral therapy for issues with my cervical spine and spinal cord. I have to say that I was sceptical about how this method works and that it could do some major changes in the body, as the therapist only uses a gentle pressure and it is rather an alternative healing therapy with an explanation that is a bit controversial. Well... I was wrong. People usually need up to 10 sessions, the standard is between 4 and 6 sessions, but my therapy was completed after only 1 session, according to the person that did the therapy, I reacted so quickly and the response of my body was so strong, that it has been done in only 1 session.

In the middle of the 60 minutes long therapy, I started seeing faces in everything - and those of you who have this symptom will now understand me - that was a strong sign, that something is happening and it is not really a good thing. I had very strong burning sensations in my legs and a lot of pressure on my heart. Then I saw a few very vivid images - I was not sleeping and I would not consider it to be a kind of hypnosis, but some resources describe that your brain goes into the REM phase as if you were sleeping, but you are completely aware - it was more like in a paralysis. I think that this is what people experience on some kinds of trips, those vivid images.

After the session, I felt a lot of euphoria - some Redditors compare the feeling from craniosacral therapy to MDMA (or even do MDMA after craniosacral therapy... people have weird ideas, really). To be honest, it felt like 20 % of the feeling that is on MDMA. At this point I became scared, I still felt euphoria and urges to laugh, but I knew very well, that this is not good.

After an hour an unbearable head pressure occured and I am still experiencing it today, it is as intense as in the beginning of my HPPD. I have only found one mention of this therapy on this forum, one user stated that it helps them. I hope it will get better...

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