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In your experience, what was the attitude of other psychedelic users towards HPPD?

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The psychedelic-using community itself as a whole does not seem to take HPPD seriously, whether it's people doing shrooms for fun, Caribbean psilocybin retreats, your average LSD/shroom dealer/user/friend/trip sitter, etc. They all seem to downplay the risk or not even recognize the issue's reality. This seems to be especially true on Reddit.

Before you got HPPD, what was the attitude of other people around you (about HPPD?)

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I’ll be honest before hppd I didn’t have a clue about it and if I did I wouldn’t have taken any drugs, that being said I was one of those idiots who would say there’s no risk, you just get high and come down.  Now I realize the enlightenment I was chasing so bad hit me like a truck and I’m still tryna scrape myself off the road.

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