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Could Quetiapine be preventing my recovery?


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I read an interesting theory on here about down regulation of 5ht-2a receptors and how this down regulation could be a potential cause for hppd. I went through a nightmare at the beginning and im 11 months in and still struggle.

After images are still my worst problem along with dp/dr, visual memory problems,.

At my onset i started taking fluoxetine ssri and had to cease after 2 days as my ears started ringing violently. I can only suspect i had a reaction. I have many theorys as to what might have caused this, stress, the drug, neck issues, but ive started recently to look for constants in my life that may need looking at to see if they affect it, such as bad habits (smoking) exercise etc.


I want to get clarification on the theroy that upon initialization of fluoxetine, would this down regulate the serotonin receptors initially before theraputic effect took effect? and if so, would stopping fluoxetine abruptly cause my neuro-transmitters to be stuck on a down regulated state? ie i coudl have been suffering form SSRI discontinuation syndrome.

I was given Quetiapine by a psych about 6 months ago and i never felt liek it did much for agitation, jsut mafde me feel high, dry mouth and like i was drunk.

Now ive read the mechanism of Quetiapine (Seroquel) and it is a Seretonin 5ht-2a, and domaine antagonist, with low affinity (Atypical Anti psychotic). Would this antagonism be preventing my neuro transmitter from recovering correctly and hindering my progress?

Im thinking of stopping it. I was on 100mg standard release 4x25mg daily, i have now got down to 50mg daily. I take lamotridgine prescrbed by psych and on 100mg for last 6 months too. This was given to see if it had an effect on my visuals (Palinopsia) but i think its been wokring more effectivley as a mood stabiliser if anything.


Would just like some input on what you guys think when medication could be potentially hindering recovery.


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