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Succes story!

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Hi guys another succes story here after 8 years of hppd. I will keep it short but feel free to send my a message if you have any specific questions. I feel like i owe you guys this, because i know how lost i was at the beginning. I my first years into hppd, i visited this forum regularly, but never posted something. I already appologize for my English.

I got HPPD in august of 2014 after using xtc on a festival. Did xtc max 3/4 times a year, never really abused it. 

In 2014 there was a lot less info about it on the internet, but i found out real quick that i had this condition. I had the whole list of symptoms: visual disturbances (visual snow, halos, after images, etc), tinnitus, hyponage hallucinations (weird hallucinations when you about to fall asleep), slight paranoia, brain fog, sleeping problems DP/DR. I struggled with this around 6 months alone until, i had the courage to tell my family about it. I thought i had fucked up my life; was in my first year of my bachelor BA and was convinced that i was never going to be able to finish school and have a normal functioning life (something what is very important in my social environment). Never had to put this on hold, luckily. Had to work little harder, because of brain fog/anxiety. After a while living more healthy, avoiding drugs, talking with psychologist and exercise. i saw a lot of improvement. I think in 2017 i only had some visual disturbances and tinnitus, when i was really tired or sick. For myself i considered this as being cured for 90/95%. My situation today is far better than i ever could imagine in 2014; finished my degree, got a good paying job in corporate life (already 5 years), beautiful relationship with my girlfriend and have bought a nice house. The last few years i didn’t even think about it and if feels like it is something of my past.  I am not going to put an whole essay here, but just want to give you some hope; there is light at the end of the tunnel! Keep strong and live healthy. U will do fine! 

Some experiences and things that were helpful for me:

  • don’t read to much on the internet. Only positive things about recovery and how to improve healthy lifestyle. When i became obsessed with searching on the internet, had an negative effect on my symptoms and mental state,
  • Stay of drugs; i did some cocaine occasionly last years, never gave me a relapse but i don’t recommend it, because i did read that for some people this caused a set back in their progress. 
  • Maybe take some medication ssri (paroxetine did very well for me) or benzo to cope with anxiety
  • Exercise a lot; this helped me a lot with reducing symptoms.
  • Don’t focus to much on visual disturbances; i would always tell myself that a lot of people have this kind of things due to migraine, eye disease, high blood pressure, etc.
  • You are not going crazy!! I was so scared for a long time that i was going into psychotic state, but it never happend!
  • You can still do good in life and build a nice future; actually i became a lot more productive and motivated. I always was lazy but after hppd wanted to put in effort and became more grateful!
  • I was in my beginning twenties when i got it and was in the middle of college part life phase. I still did this and got drunk sometimes, never had really negative effect. Only little bit more visual symptoms next day. 
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No, first two day no symptoms. Was triggered after a very vivid nightmare and can remember a very big brain zap at the festival. I think in two months i got all the symptoms and from there on it began to decrease (very slow).

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