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Need help finding a doctor

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Hey everyone! I'm new here. I'm also from Brazil, so my english may not be perfect.

About 3 months ago I took some LSD. One week later I smoked some weed in my firends apartment and had an anxiety crisis. Two days later some symptons of what now  I know is HPPD started. Dp/Dr, halos around light, traces, visual snow, BFEP, floaters and some really heavy anxiety. I stoped using everything, even caffeine related drinks. I am searching for a doctor that maybe could help me. I looked for some neuros and none could do a thing about my situation. I am going to a pshychiatrist next week. What is the type of doctor that i should be looking right now?

Also recently tinnitus apeared, so i wanted to know if a sympton can show months after HPPD have started.

Any commentary is helpfull at this point. My situation is so shitty, as all of you with HPPD can guess. Love to all of you passing through this hell.

(I live in São Paulo, if anyone can give me some recs)

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Hey bro 


Sorry about the situation you are in , but is strongly recommended not to take any prescription medications . I have spoken to long time hppders how have told me that it does go away only thing is time 


You will recover, but takes time and natural remedies, think out this you did drugs and fucked up your brain. And you wanna take more drugs , like even anxiety medications are some kind of drug which effects your Brian .. you can only get rid of it if you keep your brain clean of no substance for a long time .


Dp/Dr and brain fog will definitely go, the visual symptoms linger on more. Just go sober and detox , and if it helps build muscle and give it time 


If your ever felling low or want someone bro talk to about hppd 


Ping me on what's app 

- +91 8310965441





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