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I have good results with low dose Wellbutrin SR - never more that 75mg per day. Any more causes problems.

Many people have problems with higher (regular) doses. It does more than increase dopamine ... headaches are common. Best for you to back down for now.

Were you taking Cipralex and now Wellbutrin for depression?

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I'm on 300 mgs of Wellbutrin XR (Voxra from GSK). It was primarily put in against my ADHD, to not conflict with HPPD which Ritalin probably will do. I had a lot of nasty side effects the first month, temporarily monstrous increases of HPPD (33% of an acid trip i.m.o), twitchiness, emotion supression. After that setting-in month, I felt great though. No mood swings, focused, organised, less restlessness, and maybe better depth perception and focus in the visual area. It even killed my nicotine addiction! It lasted for a few months. But all of the positive effects disappeared, so I got a dose increase (300 mg). Sadly Wellbutrin does not seem to effect me at all anymore.. And it was the best med yet for me! :( I'm back to square one with a scattered ADHD brain. And the nicotine addiction came back with full force. I'll try the max dose of 450 mg, and if it does not work i'll have to go with the HPPD-risky Ritalin. Possibly I'll also get Keppra to level it out a bit.

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I've been on SSRIs for years and since i got HPPD the first time, I eventually got onto Wellbutrin as well (this was about 5 years ago). So i have some experience with these drugs. One, I refuse to take "regular" Wellbutrin. Regular WB was making me, like, almost manic-feeling: hyperactive. I think, for me, the extended-release Wellbutrin XL is the way to go, and that is what i am on these days. Make sure it is the right brand too. Try to get the one's with smaller looking pill. Some generic drugs seem/are different than others. For instance, generic ativan seems too be half as potent as the real deal A.

Also I am on Lexapro and before that I was on Celexa. I've been on one of those 2 probably for 12 years or so. These two seem to be the better SSRIs around. And Lexapro seems to be the better of the 2 in normal circumstances. Perhaps Celexa would be better for HPPD; I don't know though 'cause like I said I am on Lexapro.

Depending on your level of HPPD, these drugs seem to work differently. If you are really messed up and are "hallucinating" 24/7 hard, the best for me was the SSRI low level and some benzodiazepine. If the HPPD gets a bit better, than I started introducing the Wellbutrin.

But if the HPPD is really, really bad, none of these drugs will seem to help and they may make the symptoms seem worse.

I also have ADD and i smoke cigarettes. And HPPD was a big hit to my ego, concentration, skill-set, and my progression as a growing adult. I found that ADD meds should probably not be taken with intense HPPD.

This is my experience.

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