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This is a repost from the main forum:

Hello everybody,

My name is Tyler and I think I may have a case of undiagnosed HPPD.

Not too long over five years ago I tripped quite a bit on psylocibin mushrooms. I probably ate about two to three ounces in about a one to two month period of time. These were extremely potent shrooms, completely covered in a thick layer of white spores; very high grade. Ever since then I have had visual and perceptual disturbances that lead me to believe I may have HPPD. Currently I see a great deal of floaters with large noticeableness and frequency. I have what I guess you call starbursts or specks both negative and positive that appear in my vision. Sometimes the positive specks will swirl around for a second with somewhat of a trailer. The floaters are also both positive and negative; clear and dark. I have one dark floater that I see in my right eye nearly every moment. I have peripheral hallucinations and after images as well. I use to have alot of perceived "breathing" of a stationary surface when I would stare at it for more than a few seconds and I also use to see halos and auras around people's heads, etc. These latter two symptoms have seems to decreased as time has progressed though. I sometimes see things as appearing out of nowhere when they were there before. I also see alot of halos and streaks around lights at night. When I look into the sky on a sunny day a see lots of certain disturbances that look like sperm swimming around in seminal fluid only it's in the light of the sun. I have alot of natural immediate feelings of both anxiety and grief when I see these things and they disrupt my thought processes and confuse me often stopping me in the middle of sentence. I also have closed eye visuals at times and a kind of perceived strobing throbbing light in my eyes. And so those are the bulk of my symptoms. They do disable me somewhat in my ability to function and my normal vision has gotten worse during this as well; I have become mildly nearsighted.

If I do have HPPD it is comorbid or cooccuring with scitzophrenia, which I also developed in part because of the mushrooms. I have been diagnosed with that and am currently recieving treatment for it. I could write another long paragraph detailing the intense, severe and frequent symptoms I experience from that.

I am currently recieving social security disability checks, food stamps and Medicaid from the American governement because of these things, their impairment of my abilities and quality of life, and the poverty it fosters. I have only been able to work two times in the over five years this has gone on, and no more than three months at a time.

I could go on, but I would like to hear your thoughts on whether or not I may have HPPD and anything else you would like to share with me in light of these things. I greet all of you and wish good things for you all and your families.


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