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Flashbacks and SSRI


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Hello all,

I need your opinion. I will tell you my story, I was suffering from anxiety for long time, I had severe ocd when I was 15 but got cured afterwards but still have some ocd  thoughts and also had issues with concentration and memory. I was on ocd medication for 16 yrs and depression/anxiety medication for 6 yrs, I finished my masters last year and got a job three months ago. I was feeling well and thought of doing psychedelics since I read lot on how they help in anxiety, ocd, focus, depression. So after stopping medicines (SSRI, anti depressants) for a month, I took lsd 4 times, first time I took half of a 250 ug tab, the trip went well, I saw patterns for brief period of time, I felt good next day and anxiety was less, so after a week I took 1 full tab 250 ug to find the reason for an issue, this time also went well no patterns or visuals but i cried at the end of the trip, then after a week, I took 1/4th of the tab 62.5 ug, this time my anxiety decreased a lot. And after 2 days I took 1/8th of the tab 32 ug before work, this time it didnt go well, while working I got these feeling of self doubts and perfectionsim these feeling got more and at the end of the day I got an anxiety attack. So in total I did 470ug of lsd in 4 sessions in 3 weeks period and also after 2nd trip I smoked weed. After the 4 th time I stopped taking lsd and after that I started getting flashbacks when ever I am stressed, during flashbacks, I dont see any patterns or visuals only I feel intoxicated and this lasted for  2-3 hrs or more depending on whether I am stressed or not. While taking lsd I also took an supplement which also produces serotonin. Due to this I experienced mild serotonin syndrome whose symptoms lasted for a week. During this period I became worried and my anxiety increased and I started getting obsessive thoughts, since last two weeks my obsessive thoughts have increased and during the same period the flashbacks reduced. Since anxiety got increased doctor prescribed me an new antidepressant, I took it for two weeks and today doctor prescribed a new SSRI for obsessive thoughts. Today I took half the dose of ssri and after few hours I started getting flashbacks which are very mild, I dont get any visuals or patterns only feel like I have intoxicated on 10 or 20 ug. So my question to you should I continue taking the ssri, will it make the flashbacks worse, will the flashbacks go away in few months if I continue taking ssri?

Thanks in advance

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