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Phobias as a result of HPPD


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I’m new to the forum. This is my first post. I’ve only just discovered HPPD as I’ve never found a name for what I’ve got. I’m convinced this is it.

My situation started after some doing a bong of super strong Amsterdam skunk aged 20. I freaked out and felt like I was dying. My friends all just said I had a “whitey” but my life was never the same after that. From that day I suffered frightening depersonalisation/derealisation, panic attacks, anxiety, paranoia. It has lessened over the years but I’m an anxious person now (but excellent at hiding it!) but it is made far worse when I’m suffering with insomnia (which is frequent at the moment) 

I’m now 41 so it’s been going on for 25 years. 

Driving and flying have become a phobia as I get symptoms when I do this. Anyone else? The driving thing is scary. I can’t drive on long roads as I get intense feelings of fog/dizziness. 
I’m starting with a therapist next week that specialises in PTSD and does EMDR therapy. 
Does my story sound familiar? Have I actually found the right name for what I’ve got???

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