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Hey! I'm relatively new here and thought to hear from you if you know a little more, I've had DPDR / HPPD for about 9 years. 8 years ago my symptoms completely disappeared but not DPDR I indulged in various SSRIs and nothing happened or worsened. I finally got Sertraline and ate them for about 2.5 years and they gave me my life back but I got a flashback about 1 year ago and it hit me by storm, I noticed that it got worse over time and I thought I had to do something about it. I tried Lamictal but got a rash after 9 days, maybe I should continue but the doctor wanted me to stop as they did not know if it could be SJS. I have now been prescribed Keppra, I started on a low dose (125mg) and felt really good the first few days, but you always do that when you find something. I felt that my anxiety and depression disappeared more and I have also noticed a difference in the symptoms, I increased to 250mg about 1 week ago now and have noticed a little more symptoms but still not in a way. it can take a while before the symptoms decrease or so and I thought I would ask you if it could really be "the medicine" or just "me" I want to continue so as not to give up and see if it helps me completely. Sorry for my English, is from Sweden. Grateful for answers, have a nice day!

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