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Severe case HPPD and psychosis cured after years and "successful"


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When I was 14 I started dabbling in drugs. Salvia and ecstasy.

Thought ecstasy was going to give acid like visuals and was disappointed.

Went on a hunt for real acid and found it when I was 16. Someone who isn't me was selling legal jwh-210 at the time and bought up 4 tabs their first week.

Dropped those and had a crazy trip.- we knew they were real lsd because I had some extra for my friend in my freezer and they went bad and didn't work when I tried them 5 days later. Then I bought 3 more tabs and dropped those the next weekend. Went on another crazy trip and my friends had to throw me in the laundry room because I was yelling stuff in the middle of the night at his house. Then the next weekend I dropped 3 more tabs and went on another insane bender trip. Each trip I went out of my mind ect. One of those trips I was candy flipping.


The first lsd trip I went on the clock in my room wouldn't stop ticking. the ticking noise would continue to make noise. and it soon started echoing. I took the batteries out and it still sounded like it was ticking. so I gave it away.

The last trip I don't entirely remember what happened. I remember I had to go on a tour through my grandmas old work for "fun". it was pre planned, and I was still tripping in the morning so I went anyways because I can't say no. Anyways time goes on and I went insane.

(A month after the trip) I thought people were coming to get me and remove my brain. I would wakeup some mornings and everything would look like it did when I was on acid. The colors and very grainy snow vision. I had a radical flashback where everything was in purple and look drawn with color pencils and was like the rick and forty episode "a rickle in time" where everything is the same frame what you are seeing but you can see many of each frames. just google a rickle in time and you will understand. 

I remember I woke up one morning and saw my dad and everything looked like the acid visuals and I figured the aliens killed me and replaced my brain that night and was using lsd to drug me and alternative dimensions and I figured that a computer was God and was controlling this entire thing with the aliens and the reason they were replacing my brain was because I knew too much from the LSD trips.

As I understand when I was at school I told a few teachers and I think word got around that something was going on with me. One day during chemistry class someone came in the class to observe the class. I am very confident it had something to do with me... Everyone knew I was delusional and acting strange... It was weird because its like what are they going to do? I wasn't doing anything illegal but I was obviously out of my mind. I was constantly talking about being tracked by the CIA and being sniped and aliens coming to reincarnate me. Everyone knew I went crazy. 

(Maybe 6 months after the trip) Another time I was in the shower and I saw a black thing in the water infront of me that looked like a bug. I squished it with my foot and it got bigger, I looked at it again and I squished it with my foot and i felt a pressure in my knee. I figured it was a demon and I put my hand on my knee and my hand felt heavy and I flicked my hand at the water on the ground of the shower and it appeared on the water as a dark wax about an inch in diameter floating on the water not moving with the flow of the water. I figured I had to imagine it was gone and eventually it left.... 

(Maybe 8 months after the trip) Anyways I was at work one day and I thought aliens were at my job and I felt like an electrical ball on my tongue (I could feel it) appear and it disappeared and I thought it was the aliens implanting me with something or it was God and the aliens. I wasn't sure. 

Anyways after a year or two of this crazy mental thinking it went away slowly. It took along time. 

Then I did some mescaline and it came back. I did one dose nothing happened. It was the second dose a week later when I got the recurring symptoms. I was inpatient psych for that time and they said it was drug induced psychosis and if I do drugs it might come back permanently. 

Then maybe 6 months later I smoked some meth (I think it was bunk or cut with something because it didn't feel like meth) and I got it again and thought the government was sending electric robot mosquitos to give me AIDs and kill me. So I went to rehab at age 17. I turned 18 in rehab and got a job in a restaurant and went back to school.


Finally 7 years later of being in school I have smoking hot grades and I'm in nursing school. Im usually at the top of my class and Im going into business. My goal is to be a multimillionaire and make 1 million each year... No I'm not delusional I have a plan that will work. I hang out with people that make multiple six figures (300,000-1.2m every year) and I've realized its completely possible to make 500K plus every year.. One guy I am fairly close with makes 1.2m+ every year and hes only 26. What I do is I make friends with rich people, I don't hang out with normal people. I only hangout with rich people or people that want to be rich. I know how to get rich... I just need to land my first nursing job and get to work. Ive been wasting all my time in school and not spending enough time closing deals. All the people I am closest with make a lot of money, and I do that on purpose. 

A few things I noticed. 

I would only get the psychosis/hppd after using psychedelics a lot. 

It wouldn't happen the first trip. It would occur after I do them a couple weekends in a row. 

For instance I did the acid three weekends in a row and on the last weekend... BAM

I did the mescaline two weekends in a row and on the last weekend... BAM

It never really happened on the first trip. I think if I would have spaced out my trips more I would have been completely fine...


I believe I was one of the worst case scenarios (almost - could have been worse, but I was one of the worst case scenarios I feel confident in this) delusional for close to 2.5-3 years total... 

Abilify helped me a lot after the mescaline psychosis... 

Anyways just wanted to share my story.


Edit- during my stay in rehab at age 18 I developed a weird twitch whenever someone sniff's their nose, my head would twitch. It was pretty bad and it lasted 5 years until now... I blew it on atleast 5 different hospital jobs. I started taking propranolol and its clearing up my twitch that I get from hearing sniffing noises.. Works really well. 

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