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So where do I start. In July of 2020, me and my friends decided to try shrooms ( this was my first time doing any drugs at all and I rarely drink and ever get drunk only once in my life). One of my friends took 7 grams, the others way less. I personally took less than one gram or a very small amount. after 6 hours nothing happened. Even to my first who took 7 grams, everything was fine. I saw no visuals ect. My friend said they were probably dead or a bad batch so he offered Krispy treat edibles. I took a little of a corner of one and nothing happened for a few more hours. Then at night, my body felt numb and I had really bad short term memory loss and my heart was racing and I layed down and eventually fell asleep. No visuals and really thirsty. I woke up the next day with a weird feeling, numbness, which lasted for about 2 days but faded away. August passed I began school and got amazing grades, October passed and everything was well, then in November after working on a stressful project. My body felt like it was moving while I was sitting. I started to feel really weirded out and went to bed. The next morning I head pressure at the bar of my he'd, intense brain fog and confusion. I was still in school so just proceeded to continue working, during this period i also had a week where I felt derealized and things just seemed fake. I searched "feeling like im tripping again" and came across hppd. Once realizing what hppd is, I got alot of anxiety. I had no visuals, but then after reading about them I first got 4k vision, then the went away and then near the end of December got floaters and bfep. Now, the anxiety is gone and derealization is gone, but the head pressure, floaters, and bfep aswell as emotional numbness ( probably cause of persistent headache) is still there. Ive stayed completely sober, gotten good sleep , went to the doctors for head pressure and nothing has worked so far.  I am now starting my next semester and im honestly just trying to ignore the head pressure, floaters and bfep, and enjoy my life. I find it weird that I was completely fine for 3 months and then I wake up with head pressure ect. But I have also heard some people develop this even a year after. I don't know if im subconsciously having anxiety about it, but I assume seeing the floaters makes me sad and the head pressure. I really want it not to be hppd but honestly I might just have to accept it at this point lol but im still not sure :/.

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