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I've been slowly getting better over the past three months that I have had HPPD but I had an extremely bad experience the other night that temporarily made me think things were getting a lot worse. I'm wondering if anyone else can relate to it.

I woke up in the middle of the night seeing the whole room (I sleep with a light on because of my sleep issues) like it was divided into litle octagons with flourescant colored outlines. My brain was barely on, I was thinking very groggily and have a very weak memory of the event now. All I can remember thinking is that I needed to stay calm or my anxiety/DR would return. Suprisingly I was able to stay mostly calm and returned to sleep after what felt like 20 minutes. I don't think the visuals lasted the full twenty minutes (I think the open eyed ones stopped afer around 1-5 minutes) but I cant really remember. I haven'thad open-eye visuals anywhere near that powerful since getting HPPD and have barely had any at all over the last few weeks. I have had a lot of closed-eye nightime visions and strange thoughts when trying to sleep but this was different.

Was that a flashback?

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