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DPH in Benadryl

John Smith

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Hey guys, im having an allergic reaction to attack doses of fish oil (im allergic to sole and apparently this is a type thats harvested...my body is such a fuckin pussy i hate this) weirdly enough the hives and itchiness took a few days to manifest...if i take benadryl will the dph cross the blood brain barrier and fuck my shit up? For that matter, do you guys take drugs with DXM when youre sick?

Im breakin out in hives and my moms the worrying kind and she just doesnt get my fear...whatdyou guys think

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There's a member on the visual snow forum who says he has never used any illegal drugs but has used benadryl. But he doesn't think that he got HPPD from it - he thinks that's ridiculous.

Personally, I'd probably take it. It sounds low risk. But I don't know in all honesty. How long do the hives take to go away naturally?

As an alternative to fish derived omega-3, you might want to consider algal DHA which is derived from algae. Or obviously you could just go for fish oil where you can tell what the source of the fish is.

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