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hey there :D...

so i just looked into my light of my room, always when i look into it i jhust recieve those sunburns or afterimages ...but reaaally strange,....

after starring at it i and looking away i still se the light, but not in yellow, it becomes green and slices from the left of my sight to the right....it´s kind of trying to get out of my visionfield....but if i move my head with it´s direction, it still appears to be there and resets then to it´s "spawnpoint".....if i dont move my head it just goes away...is that a sunburn or a afterimage??....I also got this with the colour lila, when i stare to long on lila i still se a lila lightray in my field, it needs 4 to 10 seconds to go away.......I dont have any afterimages or something also no CEV or anything...so what could it be?

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