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Klonopin WD's


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I've been on klonopin since 1998, average of 4 mg. daily. I've been having tolerance wd's for a while now, but was to scared to start lowering my dosage. I cut .5 mg off 1 week ago and am now down to 3.5mg daily. From all the horror stories I've read on all the benzo forums, I'm quite surprised how I'm handling these wd's so far. I know for a fact the lower my dosage get's the more intense wd's get.

But I'm happy to say I've been thinking so much clearer this last week just from a .5 mg cut. I'm eventually going to cross over to valium because of the longer half life and then titrate when I get toward the end of the w/d's.

For ppl on benzo's, look up tolerance wd symtoms and also check out protracted withdrawal syndrome. Benzo's are no joke when they stop working and you have to start cutting down!

PS. SCOTT if you ever read this, I would love some info on how you titrated off benzo's. I'm extremely confused on the percentages and how the whole method works precisely. I know a lot of ppl who have done it, but I want to know if you experienced different wd's then most of the ppl you talked to due to hppd. cool.gif

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