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Found this in the WWW

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And wants to share it with you


Its the onlineversion of a book which could be interessting

i flew over it and it has a lot of good information about psychodelics, neuroplasticity, human perception and other.

read up about the types of hallucinations they mention 3 diffrent types:

Entoptic:(Phosphenes) think here you could add afterimages, VS and CEVs

Eidetic: geometric webs and grids; distortions of space and time; and photographic images of objects, people, or scenery

Erratic: breathing, melting and movement

These are created in diffrent parts of the brain, eye or visual pathway

Maybe that is why some HPPDer see geometric stuff like faces and others dont. Maybe there are diffrent parts of the brain involved.

Eidetic Hallucinations seems to be connected to the Hippocampus (memory storage) while Entoptic seems to have their origin in the retina and the optic tract.

Maybe this would also explain the part of the diagnostic criteria:

"The re-experiencing, following cessation of use of a hallucinogen, of one or more of the perceptual symptoms that were experienced while intoxicated with the hallucinogen"

some "re-experiences" the eidetic hallucinations while the others "re-experiences" the entoptic phenomenom like VS, Afterimages and CEVs

this are only my conclusions!!

Would like to discuss :)

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