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Bad trips and HPPD


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for me there is for sure. the worst visuals i have are mostly ones i remember (or think i remember) from a particularly bad trip i had, involving 5 hits of cid all dropped after midnight in a friends room. i've always thought that maybe the trauma of a bad trip could be cause for PTSD, which coupled with a bad case of HPPD would in turn be cause for an increase in visuals experienced during the bad trip, similar to a soldier with PTSD flashing back to a combat zone. So in a round about way, yes, i'd say there is probably a correlation.

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After all, you took five hits of acid. If HPPD is a case of chronic lateral disinhibition due to 5HT-2A-activation, I do not see how bad trips fit in a pharmacological aspect.

Mine is from one bad trip after eating a half eighth of shrooms...I wasn't even tripping that hard, but my brain basically had to freeze itself in order to prevent me from having the horrible thoughts associated with the trip, and I've been basically left in that state. My visuals are minimal, but my brain hasn't unlocked itself (plus I still have horrible DP/DR)

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I can't help but wonder if it isn't as much related to anxiety as it is the bad trip. On the visual snow forum many people have experienced the onset of similar symptoms after particularly stressful episodes in their life. In my case there was a latency of about two weeks between the bad trip and the onset of hppd. This period was filled with extreme anxiety, panic and paranoia. I wonder if the latter did not do as much as the former to bring this on.

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