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Regenerative Medicine


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Is there any hope for any of the cutting edge technologies to help with this disorder?

Will stem cells, gene therapy etc one day cure this nightmare. I'm going on my 15th year in May and I honestly cant imagine myself having to live like this for 30 more years. I remember being fine, experiencing life and the passage of time with a sense of liesure and optimism. These many dark year of having to live this way, to live the life of an HPPDer have been horrible and like many of you, I just want to live life the way a normal person does. Is there any real hope of one day realizing a cure or is our fate to be damned this way until we die?

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I would say yes there will be a cure, i believe gene therapy or a brain peacemaker could do this. but it could take a while.

first I am sorry that you feel this way

I believe (and yes could be frustrating) you have to live your life now. There are a lot of worse diseases outside which arent curable now(e.g. HIV). People knowing that they have to live with them come to terms and can enjoy there life as good as possible.

Enjoy your life and live every day as if it is the last day of your life.

You could wait for a cure and gettin depressed because it takes time

You could get cured and run euphoric in front of a truck

Maybe there will never be a cure(dont hope so)

unfortunately life isnt predictable

But life is a gift and its the best and most important gift we received.

We only have this one life and cant push the reset button

So do what ever you want to do and do it now it always could be the last day of our life.

I think the best cure is to accept what you have and go on with your life and do what YOU want to do not what others want you to do!

Best wishes and take care!

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