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Have you ever heard of "Neurostress"?

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This is used by Naturopaths because they thing that alot of mental deseases are caused by problems in the brainchemestry. Which seems to be our problem?!

Dont know if this could detect our inbalance(if this is the cause).

But they seem to test Dopamine,Serotonine, GABA, Noradrenaline, Adrenaline, Glutamine,....but they are testing in salvia and urine which is maybe not related to the values in the brain. But if you have for example to much serotonine in it or not enough dopamine could you compare it to the brainchemestry?

Dont know how they could know which are the Standard values, because i think they are diffrent from person to person.

Also i am not a friend of this "New-Age-crap", but maybe this test could detect our inbalance?

Any ideas on this?

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