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A huge healing advice

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Drink sellery juice..one whole juiced  Sellerie. Add this on to your diet in the morning. Some of you maybe know Anthony William, the medical medium. he discovered lots healing benefits and profits from vegetables and fruits, also more..

So sellery juice is rich in minerals, that helps the function of our neurons..and the most important helping benefit from celery juice for us hppd kids is: it repairs our dna! So when I read this it was a big thing for me..I’m drinking sellers juice know since a few months..also I dit a lot more but I think it has a huge roll in my healing. And as all of you know healing takes time..so please if you add it to your diet..do it for a long time..the best would be forever, you have no negative side effects with it..in the beginning you will have to get used to the taste..but after a few days it gets better..start with a half cup or less if your  stomage does not tolerate it..but don’t get iritated..it is really good for your stomage but it is working active in your stomage and body and when you are not used to lot of raw food you have to get at first..so when you wanna know more about sellers juice just have a look on YouTube or buy a book of Anthony William. Just wanted to share this information with all my hppd mates! You are strong and I believe in all of you..just don’t lose the hope and stay away from everything which harms you!

wish you all the best and a lot of healing and brightness in your life..and don’t forget the power of god ❤️
greets from Germany, stay safe 

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Celery juice has a magical effect. I drink celery juice for general immunity support. But it has been great for saving me from anemia, colds and mental disorders. Celery enriches the body with vital vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fiber and essential oils. Moreover, I used celery juice to get rid of excess weight. You may be surprised, but it helps cleanse the body of toxins, removes free radicals and reduces appetite. I usually make smoothies with celery juice, cucumber and carrots. I also follow a weight loss program from medicalweightlosslehighvalley.com. The combination of several methods gives me the best results.

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