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my story(a little bit unusual?!)


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Hello community,

I was lurking this forum for a few month now and finally decided to sign up and tell you my story, i think it could be interessting, and i would like to hear your opinions.

First the obligatory sorry for my englisch, iam from germany ;)

Afew years ago i used to experiment with alot of drugs for maybe four years.(if you want to know which i can tell you later but the list is long :) ).

three years ago i stopped every drug except of pot. i was a heavy pot smoker for a decade and first stopped after my symptoms started(6 month ago). i used to smoke seven or eight joints per day.

my first symptoms occured after my first salviatrip the normal breathin or floating wall shit never was concernd of it. this never diminished in the last three years, i thought it was the pot which let me trip.

at summer last year cant say exactly a new symptom occurred corners of white walls beginn to vibrate. Again i thought must be the pot and not bothering at all. in august last year i went to bed very high and got panick while falling asleep. it was alittle bit like sleepapnoe or feeling the REMsleep commin dunno. this was happening two times and only in august. after awekening of the panik dont think i really slept at this time i saw phosphens/static and the second time the purkinje's tree. again i thought must be the weed. a few minutes later i finally fall asleep.

then in the end of septemper i got a pneumonia. went to the doc and he prescriped me antibiotics. didnt stop smoking pot but used a vaporizer because of the cough. after a few days the pneumonia was gone and on the next monday i went to a excursion of my education (dont know if this is the right word :) ). I had to take the antibiotics till tuesday and had a couple of beers and pot on monday and tuesday.

then on thursday we was at a "dinner in the dark" dont know if you knew this: its when you sit in completly dark and eat, fuck this :) . Since my drug experience i cant see completly dark colors were every where floating in the room. i was very high while this dinner and got panik because of feeling like a blind person. As the lights go on again every thing was grainy for maybe 10minutes. After this we went back to the hostel and i drank alot liquor. After this night we drove back home and i only slept 3 hours. At home i smoked another split and went to bed at noon after awekening in the afternoon there was the snow :mellow:

a week later i went to my doc to run blood tests and so normal crap everything was ok. then i went to the ophthalmologist again everthing was fine. she said could be related to my scoliosis went to my orthopaedist he says "could be dont know".

so i decided to ask dr. google: and find some people with this visual desturbances an spine problems but sounded more like quaks thinking everything is related to spine problems. so i googled more an found visual snow and Migraine/HPPD. Never had problems with migraines and no one in my family has migraine. so i think it must be HPPD after my very long and excessive drug history.

The only thing i cant get is why this delay or this worsening in the last year. I had alot of stress and iam in my mid twentys maybe corelated dunno. Maybe the antibiotics bring it up.....

So enough bad english for the beginning :rolleyes:

my symptoms are:

visual snow/static

afterimages negatives/only a few positiv(mostly of light sources like headlights)


halos and starbursts around lights and halos around bright things infront of dark background

movement of carpet pattern

ghosting mostly in the left eye an worse while squinting

lightsensitive this started shortly after my 20th lsd trip i think

floaters (was able to see them as child but got alittle worse)

some micropsia/macropsia only at the beginning 6 month ago

maybe afew more but dont know atm.

Also i got a few crazy flashbacks 4 times in this 6 month, where everything is breathing and melting.

After stopping weed 5 month ago and going to gym 4 times a week the most symptoms improves alot over time the movement is mostly gone static and afterimages has also improved but are still there when looking for them. maybe they will disappear in a few month to years. But this is not so bad comparable to what had happend to me because of my drug history.

take care and greetings from germany.

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Welcome to the forum.

There is a member here who did not get any symptoms until 30 years after her last drug use. It happened after a combination of surgery and antibiotics if I remember correctly.

Smoking weed has been known to worsen symptoms after the initial onset of HPPD, and even in rare cases cause HPPD itself. So your worsening of symptoms may have had something to do with that.

That your symptoms are improving is very positive. For some there is no improvement over time.

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