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HPPD/VSS - MDMA Use/SSRI trigger


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Hi everyone,

I used about 2g of MDMA between last year September to this year January. 

A few months later (May), I started having symptoms whilst trialing through SSRI's.

My symptoms are: visual snow (doesn't look too staticky, but it makes things look like they are moving badly), shaky vision (text on everything shakes and wobbles, pictures wobble too, it looks like they are underwater), tunnel vision that makes things seem very choppy (every time I slightly move my head or eyes it feels like the entire room shakes, it feels like im looking through things and not at them, so to view an object I have to view it from like 5 different frames), afterimages and trails on everything that I look at, BFEP, floaters, light sensitivity, tinnitus, constant headaches and head pressure, a sensation that I can't stare at one spot for more than a few seconds (feels like my eyes and head are kind of being turned), poor night vision, closed eye visuals ... basically the entire set of visual snow syndrome symptoms + some more weirdness. 

I dream alot too, and these symptoms have definitely worsened since onset in May. 

Right now, I am unable to watch TV, drive, do basic things. If I could get to a stage where I could watch TV normally again, Id be totally happy. I think the tunnel vision symptom is 100% what is making these things difficult + things vibrating for me. 

Please, does anybody have any advice for me?

I have quit smoking cigarettes, fast food, caffeine, obviously I haven't had a drug other than my last dose in January ... 

My symptoms are at a severity that it would be pretty hard for me to actually continue on with life.

I am 23 years old, do I have absolutely any shot of these symptoms reducing at all? I know a lot of people have visual snow and can ''ignore it''. I can definitely be ok with the static, its just the choppy vision plus the tunnel vision that makes the most simplest of tasks hard to do .. for eg, opening the fridge, I have to move my eyes around like 100 times to see each kind of object, its very hard to explain, just feels like Im looking through things and not at them. 

Has anybody else had experience with the tunnel vision or choppy kind of frame rate vision, seen any improvements with this?

I am willing to do whatever it takes to get the small things back in life.

All help is greatly appreciated 

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