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Flashes/flares in left eye????


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Hi guys...

Hope everyone is cool... .. Been suffering from HPPD like symptoms for about 6 months now, they are quite mild, i think it all started from to much MD and a over potent DMT trip...

Before i really new about all this and was still smoking lots of weed used to get serious paranoia anxiety etc closed eye distortions and quite bad VS like a half visible cobweb mesh in my vision in low light especially and when i blazed up..

Generally if i dont smoke weed which i dont, i dont get that any more but i do get flashes/flares kind of like spots of water on a computer screen which will just flash up... However these are only in my right eye..... Have been for a serious eye examination at moorfields eye hospital where they told me that everything was fine with my eyes, pressure, visual field, etc etc... but i did have conjunctivitis in the left eye and it was caused by that... Didnt mention my HPPD or anything like that just described symptoms...

I was pleased about this, so much that i went home and smoked a joint thinking that i was just suffering from conjunctivitis and everything would be fine.. This made the flashes flares worse and got a little of the mesh/web type stuff return for a day or so... Have not smoked since..

But my question is... Is it possible to experience HPPD symptoms in one eye?? Im not a doctor but i would it dose not work like that... Dont really know what to think.. I get quite alot of the flash/flare things and im not sure what to make of it... Im in good health and have undergone quite a few examinations in my early paranoia days <_< but it confuses me... Maybe its a combo of both...

Any ideas???

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Stop doing all forms of drugs.

If you don't listen you will totally 100% fuck up whatever life you could have.

Just started getting the flashes in my left eye only but have had HPPD for 14 yrs.

Everyone is different.

I lost everything I had, everything that mattered because I was a stupid kid who didn't listen to my friends who later went on to have careers, families, etc.

I'm not technically alive anymore living this way.

If only I could turn back the hands of time...

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