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Hi Folks, new to the board but feel i got something to share. I have had HPPD for 11 years and this is my third episode of the condition. To Summrise, i first got it aged 17 following a bad trip. I expereinced visual snow coupled with anxiety/panic attacks. This last about six months durinth whihc time I continued to use drugs and drink heavily. I never really became that concerned about the symptoms and put them down to excessibve drug use. I therefore decied to abstain from all drugs and adopt a healthier lifestyle. iN short i started thinking positvely and began excercising. I had na unwavering beleift the sympeoms would go and they didi in three weeks.

Fastforward six months, i have now resumed using drugs, namley lsd, xtc, speed etc. Whilst at home one night, I experience horredous hullicinations depsite habing no drugs in my system. This is accompained by a severe panic attack. Long story short, the visuals return and i am argophobic for eight months and suicidal. I do not use for this period of time including alcohol. However, life is intolerable, so i start to drink to cope-major error. two years later symptoms leave me-reason unknown. I return to normal functioning for two years before taking 1 xtc. Immedaite return of symptoms. I have not used drugs or alcohol for 7 years, work full time and lead healthy lifestyle. I only found name for this condition last year.

Anyway, i wondrede if anyone in the Scotland area would be intersted in meeting up to form some formal support groups?

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Hey man, sorry to hear about what youve been through.

Im not from scotland, but i was just wondering why you said that turning to alcohol was a big mistake...was it because you feel into that hole as well, or because it made your symptoms worse? Personally im not much of a drinker, i just do it on occassion, and i just wanted to know what your experience was with the juice, since im kinda new to hppd...

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