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Multitude of colours in reflected light on black backgrounds

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Certain reflections, not usually mirrors but rather dark objects, e.g. the screen of the turned off TV, will display random assortions of colour coming out of the light source seen in the reflection. Often it will be a straight line of a random multitude of colours.

It doesn't really bother me too much as I don't see it all the time, only under certain conditions. It is a bit strange though...

Does anyone else get anything like this?

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Guest black_shadow

I have similar "problem". But it isn't strange for me. I think that's normal now, but sometimes it's a bit frightening. I can't see pure black, always I see black with full of colors points, lines sometimes simple fractals.

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this is interesting. dark rooms give me an opaque backround that looks something like thousands of black birds flying around. I hate mirrors too cause i don't recognize myself half the time and in stores that have lots of mirrors and bright lights I get disoriented easily. As long as I know I can return to my quietly lit room and play my guitar I do fine.

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