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Inquiry about Pharmaceutics that have helped you guys?

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Hello everyone, I was just wondering if you fellows would like to share what medication your currently taking to help your HPPD ( DR/DP) (anxiety) (visuals) for example what medication do you take how much mg per day and how has it helped you or didn't help you in your current life. I'm currently on 2mg of klonopin 1000mg keppra and 10mg of cipralex on daily basis, and for me to be honest, it turned my life from hell to almost perfectly normal.. So if you guys would like to share. I'd love to know what has helped you and what has not, and maybe this would be a good thing for some people to help them figure out what would work best and what wouldn't because honestly, doctors almost all the time give you anti-phycotics unless you insist and you argue and you explain to them that you need this medication to help you get better from HPPD, Which most doctors don't even know about. that's what happened to me, I live in Dubai, and my doctor told me that I'm the second patient with hppd and his first patient that suffered from this went to him around 25 years ago. so ya i think this would be an interesting topic to talk about and discuss.

Looking forward to this.

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