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Hello everyone, 

I just wanted to discuss how I started Lamotrigine not long ago at 25 mg for 2 weeks and been on 50 mg for about a week. It’s not intense like an SSRI but I am getting a little exacerbation of symptoms and maybe a bit of irritability. My plan is to titrate to 100mg and see if it does anything for my HPPD and if not either get off or stay on it as a mood stabilizer because I have a co occurring mood issue. Do these symptoms fade as you stay on it? How long does it typically take to see benefits from this medication. I’m hoping my body will just get used to it over time and the side effects will subside... I’m just wondering if anyone can please respond who has experience with this med. thanks.

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On 2/26/2020 at 3:05 PM, CSivs22 said:

How long does it typically take to see benefits from this medication.

There is no "typical" reaction. Some reported immediate improvement, other ones slight improvement over a couple of months though. I'd say for most people it does not help at all.


For me, side effects did fade out 1 week after dosing up each time. Anyhow, it was not beneficial for me.

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Same I’m not seeing any benefit at all so I stopped taking it and switched back to trileptal which is an anticonvulsant that doesn’t help my HPPD but is useful for my depression and mood stabilization. I never had any negative side effects from trileptal   or flare ups even after titrating to higher doses. For now, I’m using a lower dose  than before but just sucks because I’ve been on it for 5 years now and really wanted a new med on board.

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