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Good results with high Vitamin D3 dosing (add K2 and magnesium for safety)

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Hi there,

Hope you guys doing ok. Wanted to share what helps me now. Also wanted to share this because I didn't see a similar post like this (although people do vitamin d in general as supplement, but no in high dose volumes intake). 

One caveat: I have hppd for 5 years now and most of the symptons have been solved/restored on there own, life is ok. In the early days I was much more sensitive to supplement and changes in habits/enivronments so keep that in mind with my findings below. (things got better slowly but steadily, so if you are new to this I would say yes there is a lot of hope even without doing anything your body tends to recover on its own for most).

So on to what works for me.

I red this book, it is really good






The premise is basically that vitamin D is the most important in human health. His theory is that when the sun shines (or you take vitamin D) your body knows summer is coming and starts to repair your body (in a winter environment your body saves as much energy as it can because it expects a famine in this environment, this is from the old days). So most people in the world are in constant hibernation mode and with (higher risk of) health problems. 

It is not just a theory, actually he cites the research that shows that so many deseases (around 75-80%) actually can be prevented or cured with high dose vitamin D supplementation. Sounds maybe too good to be true but I defenitly believe it is not in the interest of big farma (not patentable/not very profitable medicine) to keep vitamin d from being portraited as effective medicine as well. 

If you believe in it or not, I would say you have not much to lose with trying this supplement in high doses.

Some charts that show the correlaction of the sun with disease: 






the method

Can't explain the whole method here, i would read the book to make sure you dont take health risks.  it is only 3-4 dollars on amazon.

Here is the gist of it:

-High levels of vitamin D3 are not as toxic as common knowledge says, there are many studies done and high dosing is safe  if you supplement for cofactors. To reduce any risk supplement for cofactors of vitamin d  , they are: Vitamin K2, Magnesium, Zinq and Boron. Taking this prevents any  risks  (hypercalcemia, hypermagnesia).




-Build your vitamin D3 level up in your blood to 150 ng/ml. At this level according to the author your health has the best chance of recovering from any deasease (your vitamain d blood level should be at least 75 ng/ml and most people have a level below this), however levels above can become in theory dangerous, just to be safe. (as i said earlier, dont know how senstivie you are to this -with hddp and in general- so you might wnat to build up slowly)

-Regularly test your blood levels to check if your blood D# levels not exceed this level (you can order cheap home test, for around 25$/each online), also test on hypercalcemia. Working woith a specialized doctor is nit a bad idea if you are not secure in self-testing/experienced with self testing. 






i can't speak for hddp in general, have not looked in studies on hddp (but expoect they didnt test this) but apparently this method cures many deseaes. I have been only two week using it and see results (first week i took 20,000 IU/day, second week 50,000 IU/day). changes i experienced: much less anxiety/lots of confidence, night/day rythm returedn, no craving for sugar and hunger craving but appetite for healthy food, much less depression, much more productive/active, less emotional pain, skin colour returned, less literal tunnel vision/broader field of view, more attraction from opposite sex and people respond differently. 

blood levels i will test soon, when i started out they were critically low, (tested) i expect they are still low and not close to 150 ng/ml though.

i expect these results to continue. i am curious if it has the same effect on you. 


hope this works for you and all the best to you guys. 








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I am doing starting to do this as well supplementing with Dr. Mercol’s 5000 iu d liposomal. I heard from many people that liposomal has better bioavailability so I’m trying it with ionized magnesium as well. I do believe in this because during the winter days especially the cloudy days my HPPD is at its worst (I think the refracting sunlight thru the cloud send my light sensitivity and visuals into overdrive)and during summer days when the suns out I feel great. I also remember doing a practice I learned out in California...a lot of people may think this is strange but it’s called sun gazing and there’s a book similar to yours where they refer it as sun eating. You basically stare into only in the am when it rises or pm when it sets. Basically you do it for like 10 sec day 1 then continuously build the time you stare slowly over months. It feels really good especially when you build to doing it for like 20 min. You feel so energized and happy and curbs your appetite. There’s actually a guy out there that hasn’t eaten in years all he does is sungazes. I forgot what the video/documentary was called but something like solar powered human. But it’s really important to not do it during the wrong hours as it actually can have negative impacts on your vision due to the high UVA rays. So like 12 pm or 1 pm is a no go. There are people that do it during the “unsafe” hours but they don’t have HPPD and have built a tolerance to staring at the sun over a long period of time.

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I also noticed after doing this practice for awhile  I would have insanely Vivid dreams.... From researching it I believe it’s because the light going into your eyes stimulates your pineal gland which is responsible for dreams etc. Def think your on the right track with the vitamin D, I mean the sun shines for a reason and is an extremely powerful source of energy but today I guess we just take the sun for granted and sit inside playing video games and watching movies lol. I’m vitamin D deficient like most Americans so I’m going to give this a go. Wish me luck.

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