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hello everyone, I self diagnosed my self two months ago(25). I started seeing everything more vivid and different one year ago but the difference was too low for me to stress about it. ( i was smoking weed constantly for 6 years eat shrooms couple of times and micro dosed lsd couple of months.) after i start to lower my usage of weed my stress increased then Iam more stressed because I thought i have something wrong in my brain then the extreme stress make visuals all worse. I went to lots of doctors and none knows about hppd. (one of them give me prozac one of them olanzaphine one of them atarax never used any) So I am terrified to use any kind of medications. I quited smoking weed 3 weeks ago because smoking gives me anxiety. I also don't smoke cigarettes because it made my headache worse. After 2 weeks my visuals seems to improve but then i took only a sip of wine from my friends glass then all the visuals turn back. Is this condition is so sensitive to so little alcohol? acctually my visuals are not so bad just vivid colors, little disturbances and visual snow. I wonder is there any one who's experiences are so mild. And if my symptoms are cured after a while can I smoke weed again ? if it is a condition so sensitive how can I test my self ? 

also I have nerve pain and a headache and dizzy feeling since 2 months 

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