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eyes feel itchy almost like i poked them (HPPD)


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shit man do you really think ambien helps? People have been known to get hppd from trippin on it...and nah man, all you can do is wait...exercise helped my head pain

dude how common is it to get hppd from ambien? as common as weed? im trying to figure out if i will get hppd from weed, i haven't smoked much yet but i've used plenty of zopiclone in my day as a sleeping aid ( well i used it mostly recreationally...) i feel ok but i have some visual snow that i am 100% positive is from either looking at screens to much or is natural causse i remeber it from childhood


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Im not sure man, but it has definitely happened, the hallucinations are supposed to be fuckin strong. I dont think hppd from weed is common at all man haha.

ok cool ddude, maybe ill hold off for a while but eventually i will try

best of lluck to u and all the others fighting hte good fight. i hear that meditation seminar would be useful, i saw that in the other thread. maybe that would be something for me too, if i can stand the 10 days!!

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