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What a ride...If only it would stop.


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Jesus man, next time use paragraphs please, my eyes hurt just trying to make sence of that huge bubble of words.

Risperdol i beleive is said to make HPPD symptoms WORST so you might want to let your doctor know that and get off of it ASAP.

Yes you have HPPD, thats a shit load of drugs you did, but the fact you did all that LSD alone would give you the HPPD. It pisses me off these street drugs like LSD do not have a worst reputation than they do. Like you would think after 40 years of being used regulary by teenagers across the world people would know the drug will fry your brain. Society expects people to not use drugs but does not attach the consiquences to using them at all. I bet not even anti drug programs like DARE know about HPPD.

If someone told me back in highschool hey man LSD can give you a disorder that makes you trip for life and its pretty common. I probably would have thought twice about doing it. Just think of all the people who have HPPD and do not even know what it is.

The only thing you can do at this point is quit all drugs completely and avoid them like a cancer, which in reality they pretty much are. Your HPPD will probably never go away, mine hasnt, and its been 13 years. I fully expect to live with this nightmare to the day i die. Its the static vision that makes it worst.

Focus on treating your symptoms like depression and anxiety, in many cases you should not even tell your doctor about your HPPD because they will give you stupid shit like Risperdol and make your symptoms worst.

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I have been attacking the depression and anxiety before I had known this could of been mostly caused by hppd so im well on my way seeing a psychiatrist for the third time in march.. first time that im consistant.. I was on 6mg ativans a day and celexa/risp now im 2mg-3mg a day of ativan with no risperdal and just celexa.. unfortunatly getting off risperdal gives this major insomnia like energy like your mind cant turn off, so i take ambien 10mg..but i honestly think the less drugs the better for my hppd.

Im going to start taking omega 3 how long should i be taking them and is there any specific doses specificed for this condition? or just normal.

I believe I can get better through prayer and no drugs..seriously the only few times i tried weed again was horrible , felt like a guilt trip or like it was judgement day. so thank God I can quit one of the gateway drugs that lead me into the rest..

Thanks for the replies.


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