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UB Researchers Discover Genetic Origins of Parkinson’s Disease


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The main relevance is that person A drops acid 200 times and does not develop HPPD. Person B gets HPPD on the first try.

Genetics maps strengths and weaknesses: genetic weakness + environmental stressor targeting the weakness = disease.

As for PD, there are a number of genes observed. The truly hereditary versions of PD are the most vicious.

Since there is evidence of dopaminergic damage for some with HPPD, then genetics may be playing a parts. It would be an interesting development of the society of which we live if they developed genetic testing to see if it is safe for an individual to 'drop acid'.

Since our condition now exists (too late for prevention), finding ways to reverse the problems is what we try to do. But learning that genetic weaknesses are probably involved may help to motivate one to make sure to protect against their weakness. Also, oxidative stress is a killer across the board - a component of PD and likely involved in most of us.

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