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Sleep problems BEFORE HPPD?

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Hi! My girlfriend (29) and me (35), we're both presenting exactly the same sleep symptoms after a period of drug abuse.

Drug abuse details: we've been using for the last 2 years every 3-weeks approximately, although in the recent summer we went to festivals and that frequency naturally increased, even to 2 or 3 times a week. (crazy, I know...)
Substances in order of frequency: 4-ACO-DMT, 2CB, weed edibles, LSD, speed, MDMA, DMT

We started feeling "the symptoms" particularly after the LSD trip (around 100ug), last festival.

The symptom: as described by many here: problem maintaining sleep. No problem falling asleep, but after a couple of hours, constant bouts of waking up, conscious dreaming, etc. ALthough, even sleeping poorly, we're not particularly tired during the day... it's like we suffer a constant overstimulation.

The only visual phenomena that we have observed, is my girlfriend having some really faint CEV before bed, not disturbing at all, not even all the time.

We've tried melatonin with no result, and lorazepam with result (but since it reduces REM sleep, I don't think it's a good idea). Now we got clonazepam, and we're thinking of taking it at least short term, to normalize sleep, hoping that sleep itself will fix whatever is wrong in our brains. We'll add lavender oil capsules too.

Needless to say, we've stopped substance use, including caffeine, and we don't smoke. We've eaten extremely healthy, exercise regularly, etc etc. Really healthy life... except for psychedelics :)


The question for the forum is: does someone remember having similar sleep symptoms after psychedelic use but BEFORE other symptoms of HPPD appeared?

I'm worried that we might develop HPPD in the near future. I'm hoping that taking clonazepam now would serve as a "pre-treatment", giving our brains proper sleep to heal before developing anything more serious. :(





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In my view, it's counter-intuitive to continue with the psychedelics bc it's the one category of drugs that cause HPPD. I got HPPD from one time use of LSD. Especially also since you recognise your symptoms were virtually noticed with the LSD. Doesn't make sense why you'd not be in total drug cessation 

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Thanks for the reply, although the first reply means that I didn't express myself properly: we're definitely NOT taking any drugs at all. A month and a half now, with a ton of pills (lion's mane, gingko, magnesium, etc etc), but no drugs, caffeine, etc. 

Sleep got much much better. My girlfriend's CEV got better too, although a bout of stress last week brought them back for the night, which means we're not in the clear yet. 

I'm still researching. 😞

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