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I believe I'm not the only one on this forum who was much happier with the previous version of the forums.

Therefore, as David encouraged, I have created a new forum, which is more or less a copy of the old one,

running on my server, with a newer software.

I would be very happy, if it could respawn at least a portion of the original community, which was very

valuable to me in the hard times. In exchange I can guarantee you smooth operation and maintenance.

The forum is running on my expenses, which are really not a problem for me.

David, I hope you're ok with this, and if you want to participate in administration, you can always have an admin account.

I ask all the users of the old forum, to kindly spread the message to any HPPD friends you are in contact with,

as many users did not migrate to the new forum. The address of new forum is:


and it is up and running, ready for your registrations. Feel free to contact me via email at duro@hppd.info

Also if you have any ideas about how to promote the new forum to the right users, contact me.

Thank you, hoping to see you at the new forum


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