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Question about Vyvanse


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So recently I started back up in school, only taking a summer class atm. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with taking vyvanse or any other stimulant to help with focus. It only makes visual snow slightly worse on the come down but does wonders in terms of focus, concentration and mood. I only take it occasionally when I have a lot of work to cram in. I've taken it atleast 10 times since I've gotten hppd, no permanent worsening in symptoms that I can tell. I'm just very curious as to other peoples experience with stimulants. My main fear is making my symptoms permanently worse or prolonging potential recovery long term. Can anyone weigh in here? I'm also currently on lamotrigine. Lastly if I shouldn't use stimulants, and I can't use ssris, what is a good option for mood/focus?

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I don't think I'd take stimulants, but something like modafinil might help. I took it once and didn't have any major issues. Honestly though the best thing you can do is go to bed early the night before. I only figured this out towards the end of university sadly!

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