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I've said On here before that I've never actually tripped. Well I'm remembering one time my friends and I actually tried to get some LSD. It came in foil on little pieces of paper with green dots on them. We had our night planned out before we took them and ten they never kicked in. I didn't see any visuals but jus felt very drowsy and very high all night. Any ideas what this could have been?

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garbage.. fell asleep due to boredom.

or just some odd low dose opiate perhaps?

why will you do lsd? have your heart in it, be very studied. or stick to pot, atleast wait till ur 18 to, as growing up a psychonaut wasnt exactly healthy minded for me... even if i stopped at the first dose.when i was young i sold lsd in tinfoil/ blotter paper of all designs.. nowadays liquid(which use to be nearly a myth in the late 90's in seattle, is what you should look for.) dont pm me for any, i dont buy it anymore... if its free... :D

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